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CEREC CAD/CAM restorations are also known as same day or 1-hour crowns. CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (or CEramic REConstruction), allows for the restoration of a tooth in one appointment. Computer-assisted design-Computer-assisted manufacture crown, or “CAD-CAM has also been a recent development for dentistry, and CEREC is exclusively utilizing this technology.

While utilizing the CEREC method, we photograph the affected tooth and store it within our computer as a 3-D model. Our software then designs the individual crown with the saved image, which an on-site milling unit builds in the next step. The crown is milled by a computer in order to perfectly fit your tooth while eliminating the laboratory step of the manufacturing process.

We fit, then apply the new crown to the your tooth with a special dental cement that bonds the crown with your tooth. There is no metal components, you won’t need a temporary crown while you wait, and the procedure is known to be quite comfortable. While your initial cost is above average, CEREC crowns will benefit you immensely monetarily down the road.

Using the CEREC procedure, we are able to make a digital impression of the tooth, digitally construct the restoration, and then create and insert the restoration for the patient in-office. This method looks natural and lasts almost as long as your natural teeth. Alongside crowns, CEREC technology is also used to manufacture porcelain fillings and veneers.

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