Digital X-Rays  Phoenix, AZ

Here at Central Valley Dentistry, we take pride in making sure our patients receive the best service while having access to the best and latest technology. Our office features the latest x-ray technology as it implements safer Low Dose Digital X-Rays that speed up the process as well as increase efficiency. It’s so much easier to search and open a digital file than spending hours of your day trying to locate paper files. These dental x-rays entail a number of benefits for our patients.

When compared to other forms of image capturing, low dose dental x-rays supply less radiation but offer higher resolution images at the same time. Not only does this help us pinpoint our diagnosis, it also creates shorter appointment lengths and decreases waiting time. The captured images are simple to create and allow patients and members of our staff to view them instantly. We’re able to transfer or share these images with another recipient as we take pride in ensuring you receive the best treatment available. All dental centers will soon be required to own and operate these types of software systems and we want to make sure we stay ahead of the curve in regards.

Digital X-Rays technology allows for easy image capture and storage, with a significant reduction in radiation exposure — stay up to date with the latest dental service advancements by choosing Central Valley Dentistry.

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