Why do we get stained teeth?

Many people feel better about themselves because their smile has been restored with teeth whitening procedures. Their stains and discolorations are alleviated to a brighter shade of natural-looking white teeth.

Dentin is what the darker tissue of your teeth are called, but can be worn away at the outer layer of enamel, mostly because of aging or well known staining products like caffeine and tobacco. Not only are we attracted to eating food, the food is attracted to our teeth’s enamel because of a protein. More well known staining foods are coffee, tea, berries, and soy sauce. If you’ve ever paid attention, you’ll notice that teeth become more absorbent and more likely to get stained over time by things like foods.

Why are people opting for professional teeth whitening more and more?
People are increasingly opting for tooth-whitening procedures to keep others from seeing the effects of aging and staining. There are many teeth-whitening toothpastes that may work to an extent, but they will never top a professional treatment at a dentist’s office. They can actually wear way your enamel in the process, due to abrasive substances in their formulation. Amongst teeth-whitening products available at most oral health sections in many stores are bleaching agents. They work, but have a hard time on certain stains. For example, they may not be able to remove brown or gray stains, they don’t work as well on pitted are very discolored teeth, or on things like bridges, crowns, bonding, or fillings.

Because of the inferiority of store-bough whitening treatments, whitening performed within a qualified dentist office is known to be the most effective and the safest method. If it’s done properly, your bright white teeth can last as long as five years. In comparison, over the counter whitening products are only as effective with monitoring and closely following instructions.

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