Why Do I Need A Crown

One of the most common questions people have when their dentist tells them they need a crown is, “why?” or “can’t I just get a filling instead?”

Because crowns play a crucial role in smile rehabilitation for our Phoenix dental patients, it’s important to understand the instances where they’re absolutely necessary.

The Tooth Can’t be Filled

Let’s say you’ve cracked a tooth accidentally or discovered a significant cavity after going several years without seeing a dentist. Unfortunately, the healthy enamel that’s left in-tact isn’t enough to hold a large filing in place. Either the restoration would repeatedly fall off, or the thin shell of tooth supporting it will continue to fracture.

Instead, covering the tooth with a crown (or “cap” as some people like to call them) offers stability for everyday use, protecting the compromised enamel underneath. Your new restoration will cover the tooth all the way up to the gumline, so that none of the natural enamel is visible.

You’ve Just Had a Root Canal

Endodontic therapy is essential for abscessed teeth, but once the nerve is removed, the tooth can become very brittle. It is typically the standard of care to place a crown on teeth with root canals, save for a few exceptions.

Crowning teeth with root canals protects the tooth against chipping and wearing down, due to the weaker nature of the overall tooth structure. Because we have advanced technology in our practice, you can have a root canal and receive the final porcelain crown on the very same day.

It Won’t Stand Up to Normal Wear and Pressure

Has your tooth gradually been wearing down over time, or starting to break apart because of an older filling that’s beginning to give way? Our Phoenix dentist may recommend a crown to preserve normal tooth function before the tooth is at risk for having to be extracted. If it continues to go unprotected, the weak enamel will only continue wearing down with each use. Sometimes if you get a crown on one tooth, the one on your opposing arch will need a cap as well because of how they wear against one another.

Same Day Crown Treatments in Phoenix

Most traditional dental offices break the crown treatment experience into two separate appointments. The first is to prep the tooth, take an impression, and send a mold of your mouth off to a lab. About two weeks later the lab sends a permanent crown back for your dentist to try in and bond in place (but if it doesn’t fit, it may have to be remade.)

At Central Valley Dentistry we’re able to complete the entire crown process in just one appointment. Same Day Crowns are possible thanks to our in-house CEREC 3D technology and digital scanning. While you wait, cad-cam equipment carves your brand-new restoration from a solid block of custom-matched porcelain.

Protect your smile without having to take extra time off from work. Call our Phoenix dentist today to learn more about same day crown treatments



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