Why All-on-4 Implants Are A Good Alternative To Dentures

Years ago if you had dentures everyone knew it. All-on-4 implants also known as teeth in a day are a wonderful way to improve your appearance and restore your facial features overnight. Today you can have a beautiful set of new teeth that are natural looking, feel and function like real teeth. Isn’t it time that you have the gorgeous smile you have been dreaming of?

This revolutionary technique provides new hope for those who wear dentures.

Teeth in a day use 4 implants attached at a 45 degree angle. The jaw strength increases because they use your bone for natural support. The procedure requires no bone grafting which eliminates painful discomfort.


Upper dentures have a better fit than lower dentures however, both require time for them to ‘bed-in’. Regardless of how precise the fitting, the lower dentures never attain a secure feel.

– Dentures cause irritation especially when eating

– Must practice learning to speak

– Coughing, yawning or sneezing may cause possible dislodgment

– Requires special cleanser


All-on 4 implants

– You clean them like natural teeth because they are permanent. No more using messy gels, pastes or adhesives.

– Extremely comfortable because they are not pressing down on your gums

– Allow you to experience hot, cold and enjoy the taste of your food. Now you can enjoy all your favorite foods and with a forceful bite. No more sideways chewing or using side or back teeth

– Prevent bone deterioration

– Speaking comes naturally

With a 98% success rate the benefits of All-on-4 implants outweigh the disadvantages of dentures. Whether you are taking pictures, attending a wedding or want to improve your appearance, you can have teeth in a day and feel good doing it.

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