What to Expect At Your Dental Checkup

When you visit our Phoenix, Arizona dental office for a check-up, there are a lot of things we want to evaluate inside of your mouth. While some things that we do are obvious, you may be surprised to hear of other conditions that we’re checking for.

Dental and Health History

To ensure that we are able to give you the best care possible, one of the first things we will need to do is gather some health information from you. Please let us know about any medical conditions that you may have, and what medications you take on a regular basis. Anything from an allergy to over the counter medication can affect treatment protocols!

Dental X-Rays

Since not all dental conditions can be seen with the naked eye, we rely on radiographs to show us potential problems deep under gum and bone tissue.  We typically take four small images once per year to show us the upper body of teeth and cavities that may be between them.

Other types of radiographs that be necessary on occasion. For example, a periapical image will show the body of the tooth, along with the full structure of the roots that are within the jaw bone.  These pictures are highly effective for diagnosing a dental abscess.

A panorex or cat-scan is typically taken once every five years. It shows us everything from your nose to chin in a single image. Cat-scans are three dimensional and can be used to determine proper implant placement, and for viewing the angles and curvatures of a tooth’s roots.

Screening for Gum Disease

Untreated periodontal disease leads to bone and tooth loss.  Diagnosing this condition and getting it under control as early as possible will prolong the life of your teeth.

Cleaning Your Teeth

Part of your dental check-up includes having your teeth cleaned.  However, if we discovered that you do have gum disease then this may mean that you need a more in-depth “deep” cleaning. You may be asked to come back for a separate visit, because this procedure can take a few hours and may require local anesthetic (numbing medication.)

The Dental Exam

During your exam, we’ll be evaluating several different things like:

  • Problems with your teeth and bone

Dr. Babak Behbahani will assess your x-rays and check for issues like decay, leaky fillings, tooth wear, fractures, bone loss, etc.

  • Oral cancer screening

Early screening for oral cancer can save your life. Most of the time, precancerous tissues are hard to diagnose on your own. If we see anything suspicious, we will order a biopsy and send it off for testing.

  • TMJ function

Atypical jaw function can lead to issues like headaches, ear pain, wear to your teeth, and pain while chewing. Your joint will be evaluated and checked for popping and clicking noises, pain, and restricted movement, which are all indications of TMJ disorder. 

Dental Check-Ups in Phoenix, AZ

There are a number of benefits from coming in regularly for preventative dental care. If it’s been more than six months since you’ve seen a dentist, then give us a call! Schedule an appointment today!

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