What Is A Flipper and Why Do You Need One?

Central Valley Dentistry is a full spectrum dental practice in Phoenix, Arizona that offers a variety of removable dental appliances, including flipper partials.

What Is A Flipper Partial?

A flipper is a small removable partial denture that takes the place of one or two teeth, sometimes more. The appliance is made from denture acrylic that resembles the color of your gum tissue. Attached to the acrylic are false teeth that are similar in shade, size, and shape to your natural smile.

Who Needs A Flipper?

Flippers are only intended to be used temporarily.  In most cases, a person who would need this appliance is one that is planning to get a dental implant placed on a front tooth.  Since it takes time for implants to get fully restored with an actual tooth, a flipper can be worn to fill in the missing tooth.

Children or teens may need flippers if they were involved in an injury and aren’t quite old enough to get an implant or dental bridge.

How Does A Flipper Stay in Place?

Flippers stay in place because the acrylic wraps snugly against your gumlines and other teeth. You can think of it like a retainer that’s made out of acrylic. Small extensions or “hooks” wrap around your natural teeth and provide a more secure fit for your appliance.

Getting used to having a removable device in your mouth may take some time, so be patient with the process. If it feels loose, denture adhesive can be used to get a more reliable hold.

The Cost of a Flipper

Since flipper partials are only intended for temporary use, it makes sense that they’re inexpensive. To make flippers affordable, an economy type acrylic and dental materials are used. The typical cost of a dental flipper in Houston is around $400.

How Are Flippers Made?

To get your flipper designed, we’ll take an impression of your mouth using a moldable material that hardens within a few minutes.  Then we choose the best matching size, shape, and shade of the false teeth from a catalog.  We’ll also match your gum color!

We send your impression and data to our dental laboratory, where a lab technician will design and create your flipper.  The average turnaround time is about one week.

Eating with A Dental Flipper

Most people can eat with their flipper in place, but this appliance is mostly just for looks.  The acrylic is thin, so be careful when biting into and chewing hard foods. If you aren’t in public, it’s best if you just eat without your flipper.  However, wearing it may make it easier for you to bite and chew, which is fine too.  Just remember that your flipper isn’t as strong as your natural teeth and should be treated gently.

Dental Flipper and Partials in Phoenix, Arizona

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