Veneers vs. Crowns — Which One is Best for You?

You’re concerned about how your smile looks. Every time you stand in front of the mirror or pose for a photograph, you feel a little self-conscious.

You’ve already tried whitening and you know a small amount of cosmetic bonding isn’t the right choice. Now you’re left deciding between two treatments to help you finally achieve the smile you deserve: crowns and veneers.

But what’s the difference?

What Veneers ARE

Veneers are cosmetic restorations that we bond to the front of the teeth that are visible when you smile. They’re crafted from porcelain and are more like a contact lens or false nail that bonds to the surface behind it. Once in place, the tooth looks straighter, whiter, and properly sized.

What Veneers are NOT

A veneer is not a full-coverage restoration used to treat issues like decay, fractured teeth, or protect a tooth with a root canal. As such, they’re considered elective procedures by your dental insurance plan. Simply put, a veneer is only for cosmetic purposes.

What Crowns ARE

Crowns cover your entire tooth up to the gumline, providing restorative and protective enhancements to the tooth. Like veneers, they’re also made from porcelain and can affect the color, shape, and size of the tooth…but all the way around, instead of just from the front. If you’ve had a large cavity, crack, root canal, or wear to your enamel, then a crown can restore your tooth back to its normal function. At the same time, it would also affect the way your tooth looks.

Some dentists may still use crowns that aren’t made out of porcelain, or that are bonded to a metal base. This can obviously cause aesthetic concerns such as metal being visible when you smile or a grey line next to your gums.

What Crowns are NOT

While a crown can improve how your tooth looks, it’s a restorative procedure rather than a cosmetic one. That being said, crowns are often made of custom-matched materials that enhance the tooth while you’re restoring it. But you wouldn’t want to crown a tooth for aesthetic purposes unless there is something physically or structurally wrong with it.

Both Improve Your Smile

Because crowns and veneers are both made of high quality ceramics, they still improve how your tooth looks when they’re bonded into place. From the outside, your friends and family won’t be able to tell the difference.

How are Crowns and Veneers Made?

Most cosmetic veneers and crowns are made by a ceramist in a lab, which can take up to two appointments to complete. At Central Valley Dentistry we’ve invested in cad/cam technology called CEREC that allows us to mill custom restorations like crowns here in our office while you wait.

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