Top Tips for Whiter Teeth in Phoenix

White summertime smiles are the one accessory that you’ll want to wear every single day. When your teeth look bright and white, they naturally seem healthier and more youthful.

If your smile needs a boost or you tend to develop a lot of stains (like from all of that coffee or tea you’re drinking) here are some tips to keep in mind:

Rinse with Water More Frequently

Water is a safe and natural cleanser. Make it a point to rinse your mouth out with tap water every time you eat or drink anything. Especially anything that might stain a white t-shirt, such as tomato sauce, curry, coffee, soda, etc. When you do, it’ll rinse away a majority of the stain and food particles so that they can’t settle into your porous tooth surface. Rinsing with water isn’t the same as brushing your teeth, but it’s just as beneficial when it comes to combatting accumulating dental stains.

Drink Through a (Reusable) Straw

Anytime you drink through a straw, you help stain-causing beverages skip right past your top front teeth. This simple step can drastically cut down on tooth stains. The downside is you’re probably not going to want to drink your red wine or coffee through a straw. Yes, you could get away with it, but probably not in public! And last but not least, invest in a quality reusable straw to help cut down on excessive waste.

Use Whitening Toothpaste

Today, whitening toothpaste seems to take up half of the options on the oral care aisle. While they don’t necessarily bleach your teeth and lighten your natural tooth color, they are effective at minimizing new stain prevention! So if you’re drinking more iced tea in the summertime, using a whitening toothpaste could minimize an uptick in stain development across your tooth enamel.

Have Your Teeth Whitened

Professional teeth whitening is, hands-down, the most effective way to get dramatically brighter teeth. Even if you have naturally darker enamel, products prescribed by our Phoenix dentist can safely lift discoloration in a matter of hours or days (depending on the type of system that you choose.)

Having your teeth whitened professionally also makes your results easier to maintain. Simply touch up after your regular checkups to boost your smile back to a brighter level. Professional gels whiten your teeth by 7-8 shades or more, whereas commercial kits may only get you a few shades.

Plan a Professional Cleaning

Tartar buildup and surface stains are common to see on teeth when you’ve gone six months or longer between dental cleanings. During your checkup, we’ll gently scale away the buildup and polish off the stains. Your cleaner teeth will instantly appear brighter and fresher than before. Plus, you’ll have a blank slate to touch up your whitening and to keep bright for the months ahead.

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