Teeth Whitening: What It Can and Can’t Do

Teeth whitening in Phoenix, Arizona is a great option for affordable cosmetic dentistry.  Before deciding if whitening your teeth is right for you, you want to understand what its capabilities and limitations are.

What Teeth Whitening Can Do

Professional teeth whitening can help with a number of different concerns. Here are some of the most common reasons we suggest bleaching your teeth:

  • Reduce the appearance of stains. Whitening treatments are effective at removing stains from nicotine, and certain drinks like coffee and red wine. It goes deeper than just removing surface stains like whitening toothpastes do.
  • Improve your self-esteem. Having whiter teeth gives most people the added confidence that they need to go out and do things they otherwise wouldn’t have the courage to do. With a brighter smile you will be better prepared to take photos at that wedding, nail your big job interview, or make a great first impression on your blind date.
  • Bleaching give you fast results

Professional teeth whitening systems that are done in a dental office will show results within minutes. At home bleaching kits can give you the same look but the time to get there will take a few days which is still relatively quick for the type of transformation you’re getting.

  • Save you money. Professional bleaching systems are highly affordable when compared to complete smile makeovers or constantly buying over the counter products. The modest investment is a smart one that makes a huge impact. Your custom whitening kit lasts for years and all you need is a tube of refill gel from time to time.

What Teeth Whitening Can’t Do 

There are some important factors you should consider if you’re trying to determine if whitening is right for you.

  • It won’t whiten previous dental work. Any restorations like fillings, crowns, or bridges will not change color even if you use the strongest products possible. This is important to keep in mind when you have dental work on your front teeth.  Bleaching can lead to an unevenly colored smile. If you’re not sure if you have restorations on your front teeth, our dentist can take a look and let you know.  However, if you plan to update your dental work, we recommend whitening your smile first so that the new restorations can be made to match.
  • It won’t give you permanent results. While the effects of teeth whitening can last a long time, the results are not permanent. Eventually your smile will take up new stain and you’ll want to whiten again to touch up the results. We recommend a short re-treatment at home after each dental checkup.

Teeth Whitening in Phoenix, AZ

If you’re interested in cosmetically enhancing the appearance of your teeth, we would love to help!  Whether a bleaching system is all you need, or you need a complete smile makeover using veneers, we can provide you with the results you’re looking for.

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