Wrinkles. We don’t want them, but we can’t live without them.

With each passing birthday, we become acutely aware of every line and every wrinkle.

We can help.

To combat the visible signs of age, Central Valley Dentistry offers our patients innovative new technology called Smoothlase™.

Like our services Liplase and Nightlase, Smoothlase™ is part of the Fontona® treatment system that utilizes laser technology to revitalize your skin.

Smoothlase™ targets your skin through laser technology, noticeably improving both its look and feel.

Better yet, it requires only a simple in-office visit with no surgery, no downtime, and nothing but fresh, healthy skin!

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What is Smoothlase™?

Most skin-related problems come from the loss of collagen, like wrinkles, scarring, and dry skin.

Through collagen, the skin can maintain its elasticity and give a more youthful appearance.

Pricey dermal fillers and complicated surgeries are not an ideal way to restore your youth, but until now, they have been the only effective solution.

With new software from Fotona®, we can reverse the effects of time with fewer wrinkles and better skin coloring and tone.

There is no surgery, no incisions, and no injections with Smoothlase™.

It is a more affordable solution to expensive surgeries like a facelift, and the entire treatment takes just thirty minutes.


How does Smoothlase™ work?

Smoothlase™ offers facial rejuvenation through the use of cutting-edge laser technology.

The FDA-approved Lightwalker laser reduces wrinkles around your mouth and chin, while also reviving collagen and restoring elasticity

The procedure uses a smooth pulsation and warm sensations to jumpstart the collagen already within your skin.

These lasers work from within your mouth to tighten and lift your skin on the outside.

Though gentle to you, treatment uses heat to stimulate your natural collagen, prompting new growth while also tightening and lifting your cheeks and mouth.

Each session only takes 30-60 minutes, with follow up visits over the next few months.


Why should I get Smoothlase™?

Smoothlase™ is a natural, affordable alternative to painful and expensive cosmetic surgery.

Treatment is performed right here in our Phoenix office with Dr. Behbahani and our trusted team by your side.

There are several benefits to Fotona® Smoothlase™ treatment:

  • No injections
  • No recovery time
  • Instant results
  • Improves skin color and tone
  • Stimulates your own collagen
  • Long-lasting results

Aging is inevitable, but your wrinkles don’t have to be.

Look better and feel better, too, with Central Valley Dentistry.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Behbahani today to see if Smoothlase™ is the answer to all of your skin and aging woes!