Six Things to Know About Dental Implants

Dental implants have become the most common and successful method for replacing a missing tooth in Phoenix, Arizona. However, some people still have apprehensions about getting an implant. Knowing the facts about this treatment will help you make a more educated decision when deciding if implants are right for you!

  • Implants Are Safe
  • The implant itself is made from surgical grade titanium and comes sterilized in a sealed container. Titanium is very durable and has an oxide layer that helps fight corrosion. For the implant procedure, the treatment room is set up much like an operating room with sterility in mind making the environment safe and free of germs.

  • Dental Implants Can Fall Out
  • While it’s rare that a dental implant falls out, in some extreme cases it is possible.  For instance, your body may, for some reason reject the implant and it becomes painful, loose, and could fall out.  Also, if you develop gum disease and let it get out of control, you will lose the bone which holds the implant in place. Eventually, the implant will get loose and can fall out.

    That being said, you should also know that the failure rate for implants is so low (approximately 2-5%,) that they’re regarded as the most reliable and predictable treatment in modern dentistry.

  • Implants Can Last for Life 
  • When cared for properly, implants have the potential of lasting the rest of your life.  Most people find that this fact makes them an investment worth making.

  • You Can Use Them to Replace as Many Teeth as Necessary
  • When placing an implant, you’re not restricted to replacing one tooth per implant.  We can do a number of different restorations to cover a large span of missing teeth.  For instance, we can use a bridge where we replace a few neighboring teeth, or if you’re missing an entire arch, we can do an implant retained denture. You may only need 2-4 implants toal!

  • Getting Implants Doesn’t Hurt 
  • A lot of people assume that the process of getting a foreign object inserted into your bone is painful.  Patients that have thought this and underwent implant surgery were shocked by the minimal discomfort they felt. With there being no pain receptors in the bone, implants are easy to recover from.

    As we mentioned earlier, you may rarely feel pain from an implant but if this does occur you should see our Phoenix dentist right away because severe pain is not normal!

  • Insurance Payment Is Possible
  • Whether or not your insurance plan will help pay toward an implant will depend on your policy.  While some companies pay as much as 80% of the fee, others don’t cover the cost at all. Before deciding to undergo an implant procedure our insurance specialist will discuss your benefits with you.

    Learn More About Implants

    If you’re interested in learning more about implants and seeing if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary tooth replacement procedure, then call Central Valley Dentistry of Phoenix, Arizona. Dr. Babak Behbahani and his team will be glad to see you for a consult and discuss your options with you!

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