Pucker Up with LIPLASE in Phoenix

Have you ever wished that you could get fuller, plumper lips without expensive serums or painful injectables?

You can, thanks to LIPLASE.

LIPLASE uses a state-of-the-art Fotona laser to naturally plump your lip tissues (using natural collagen production) for a fuller and smoother looking appearance.

Getting LIPLASE erases the need for painful or costly cosmetic treatments like fillers or lip implants. Thanks to the Fotona laser, the session helps to:

  • Smooth creases in your lips
  • Give your lips a fuller, plumper appearance
  • Tightens the skin immediately around your mouth

Unlike other popular cosmetic procedures, LIPLASE doesn’t require any type of surgery or anesthetic injections. The gentle laser simply uses varied wavelengths as it creates a gentle heat against the area that’s being treated. Aside from some warm sensations in your skin, you shouldn’t feel much else.  But if your mouth is a little sensitive, we can use numbing gel to put your mind at ease! Underneath, your skin responds by creating its own collagen.

For full results, you’ll probably want to schedule about three sessions in all. Each one will last about 30 minutes, so it’s easy to fit it into your schedule or lunch break.

Actual Patient Results

Does it Really Work?

Laser dentistry treatments like LIPLASE are FDA approved and effective for our patients. Just ask to see some of our before and after photos of existing clients!  In just one session you can see dramatically fuller lips.

LIPLASE stimulates your body’s own natural collagen. Since our collagen tends to gradually diminish with age, it can leave your lips looking thinner or covered in more creases. By re-vamping the collagen in your lips, it fills them back out again while providing a firmer-looking skin tone.

Opting for LIPLASE is a gentler and easier process than having injectables a few times a year. And since injectables don’t always give you the smooth, natural results you’re looking for, LIPLASE offers the peace of mind you need for a predictable cosmetic outcome.

Since LIPLASE doesn’t use injectables, you don’t have to worry about the tenderness or bruising that you would with traditional types of lip filler cosmetics.

Who is the Ideal LIPLASE Candidate?

Most of our laser lip patients are adults in their late 30s or beyond. We don’t recommend the procedure on anyone under 18.

Before you start a laser cosmetics procedure, Dr. Babak Behbahani will need to thoroughly examine your mouth to make sure your tissues are healthy enough for the treatment. We can also discuss what it is you’re hoping to achieve, to make sure that LIPLASE is a realistic solution for your needs.

And as with all of our Phoenix cosmetic dentistry services, you can combine LIPLASE with other aesthetic enhancements to put your best face forward. Options like teeth whitening, tooth reshaping, bonding, or dental veneers can help you take your smile to the next level.

Laser Lip Collagen Treatments

For more information about LIPLASE laser collagen treatment in Phoenix, request your consultation at Central Valley Dentistry. Flexible payment options are available! We’re happy to assist you in all of your smile’s needs.

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