Nightlase Laser Treatment For Snoring in Phoenix

Are you a chronic snorer? Do you have a family member (or spouse) who snores incessantly? Yes, it’s a touching subject, but snoring could be a warning sign of something more serious like obstructive sleep apnea. When your body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs while you’re sleeping, it physically raises your chances of a serious medical event such as a heart attack or stroke. But not only that, the lack of quality sleep can affect your daily energy, weight, and even your mood.

What does any of this have to do with our Phoenix dentist’s office? A lot actually. At Central Valley Dentistry we offer an innovative treatment for snoring, thanks to soft tissue laser therapy.

What is Dental Laser Treatment for Snoring?

Nightlase® is a state-of-the-art laser treatment that helps to address snoring at its source: the soft tissues in the back of your mouth. As oral anatomy experts, dentists trained in laser therapy can safely treat the areas that cause snoring to help you get a quieter — and more restful — night’s sleep.

Nightlase® laser therapy is extremely gentle and effective. It’s also FDA approved for treating snoring in the dentist’s office.

So how does it work? By treating softer areas such as your uvula (the piece of tissue that extends down the back of your throat), soft palate, and tonsil areas. When applied, the laser helps to “tighten” the looser or enlarged tissues in those spaces. As a result, the treatment naturally enlarges your upper airway and the back of your throat and air flows more freely.

Since the laser is so gentle, no local anesthetic numbing is necessary. The only thing you’ll feel during the laser treatment is a bit of warmth. We recommend repeating the laser procedure for a total of three sessions over the course of six weeks (once every two weeks.) Some people get occasional “touch ups” in the future, depending on how their body responds.

An Easy Way to Treat Snoring

Working with a laser dentistry team in Phoenix can give you fast results that treat snoring without sleep appliances or machines. Depending on the type of sleeping condition you have, Nightlase® could be life changing for you and the other people in your home. When snoring is eliminated or reduced, everyone in your family benefits!

How to Get Started

Contact Central Valley Dentistry for a consultation. We’ll fully assess your oral anatomy to determine if you’re at risk for the type of snoring that Nightlase® helps treat. From there, we’ll also want to screen you for any underlying medical conditions — such as sleep apnea — and discuss the extent of your symptoms. If laser therapy is right for you, we’ll curate a treatment plan that outlines the appointments and costs involved. Even if it’s not covered by your insurance, flexible financing plans are available.

Saying goodbye to snoring is easier than you thought. Call our Phoenix dentist today to take the first steps toward a quieter night’s rest. Your loved ones will thank you!

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