Mythbusters: 6 Reasons Not To Fear The Dentist


If A Great Smile = Success, Then Why Aren’t More People Investing In It?

Most people are unaware of everything that their smile can say about them. However, the truth is that simple dental changes can have a lasting effect on your confidence and happiness. If this is really the case, then you might be wondering why more people don’t take the time to care for their smiles?

It’s obvious that most people are frustrated about their smiles. In today’s world, your appearance means a lot. Especially, within the ever-changing work force. Since, employee turn over is very high and companies are constantly changing their management teams, you’ll have to consistently make a good impression. 

When it comes to good first impressions, your smile communicates a lot.

Even with this knowledge in hand, a lot of people don’t do what it takes to improve their smile. The reasons why might actually surprise you.

Truth Be Told, People Are Generally Afraid Of The Dentist

The fear people have of the dentist usually starts when they are young. By the time they are adults, this subtle fear can even progress into a full blown phobia. This fear can usually cause people to avoid dental treatments for years, and is one of the main reasons people forgo taking care of their smile, or take active steps to fix their smile.

Below you will find some of the main myths responsible for why people are afraid to sit down in the dentist’s chair, and the true facts to dispute them. Here are 6 reasons not to fear the dentist:

1. The sharp needles and tools

Fear of needles is already a huge fear for most people. Coupling this fear of needles with a dentist visit makes most people run in the opposite direction. 

A lot of dental anesthetics are delivered via needle, especially for invasive dental procedures. However, the slight pain that comes from the prick of a needle is much less than the pain you would feel without the anesthetic to begin with.

And in reality, a lot of procedures being done today can be performed without the use of needles. Especially, with the usage of topical anesthetics and sedation. 

If you have a debilitating fear of needles, perhaps it’s time to put your fear in check. After all, your career and confidence may depend upon it. 

2. The pain, or chance of pain 

Everyone hates pain. In fact most of us do whatever is possible to minimize any encounter with a painful situation.

If you’ve felt dental pain in the past, then you know that it tops the list. Your teeth and gums are very sensitive parts of your body, and are the exact reason dental procedures can seem so painful. But keep in mind that, in general, the dental pain you are experiencing is due to an oral health problem, such as a broken tooth or a cavity, and not anything the dentist is doing.

However, with proper pain management, the pain you may encounter can be greatly minimized.

3. The drill and associated sounds

Just the thought of a dental drill can keep a lot of people up at night. The noise, the vibration, the smell. However, newer models of drills can actually help make your dental experience pleasant — the vibration and noise have been greatly reduced in recent years.

There are also other options if you find the drill intolerable. For instance, there is sedation pre-treatment and the ability to use headphones or earplugs during treatment.

4. The smells 

Usually, when people enter a dentist office they tend to be a little anxious. This anxiety can greatly heighten your sense of smell. Which, may end up causing nausea or a host of other symptoms. 

The good news is that most dentist offices have caught on and begun to cultivate a spa like atmosphere in their waiting room, and throughout the entire office. This helps to relax patients and put them in a state of ease.

5. The cost of procedures

The cost of a cosmetic dental procedure can be a huge deal breaker. However, when you think of the cost to have lasting confidence and a smile that makes you feel proud, the overall cost starts to look a little more reasonable.

Often, we’ll splurge to buy a new watch or even a nice car, however, if we don’t invest in our smile we won’t be able to flash a smile on par with our new vehicle. 

You may not want to spend money on your dental health. But consider everything a beautiful smile can bring into your life, including a better career, increased confidence, and better relationships. The costs may suddenly begin to feel worthwhile.

6. The bad childhood memories

We’ve all heard stories of people who had a traumatic childhood experience at the dentist. It’s a tough thing to let go of, however, dental practices and procedures have continued to get better with time.

This means a visit to the dentist today will be a much better experience than any traumatic experience you had to endure as a child. 

At Central Valley Dentistry, we strive to make our patients comfortable by providing the most technologically advanced dental treatment options that make dental procedures faster and more effective. Make an appointment with our experienced dental professionals today for a dental checkup or cosmetic dentistry procedure to improve your smile, your confidence and well being, and your success.


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