LipLase and Cosmetic Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona

Plumping your lips is a great way to complete your cosmetic dental treatment and the frame around your smile.  Fortunately, doing so doesn’t even require you to go anywhere other than Central Valley Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona.  We can give you the full lip plumping treatment right here in our office. 

From beautiful teeth to luscious lips, we can do it all.  The best news might be that we can do it all without injections!

LipLase Treatment For Plump Lips

Typically plump lips are achieved with injectable collagen fillers that can often make you look “fake”. This method also needs to be repeated every few months to keep up with the results.

LipLase, the newest cosmetic treatment addition to our practice, achieves a more natural and subtle look than injectables.  Rather than filling your lips and skin with collagen, this non-invasive treatment uses a thermal energy laser that stimulates your body to produce collagen naturally and lift your lips without damaging sensitive skin.

LipLase is an excellent alternative for patients who long for full lips without the need for injections. This treatment also smooths out wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin to achieve a more youthful appearance of the lips. It can even be used on younger patients to delay wrinkles from forming. 

The LipLase Procedure

During the LipLase procedure, we treat both the inside and outside of your lips, in addition to the nasolabial folds, also known as smile lines. 

Treatment sessions typically last 20 – 30 minutes and immediate results are seen as the collagen fibers shrink.  For optimum effectiveness, we may recommend treating the area once a month for three months.

What To Expect After LipLase Treatment?

Lipstick and makeup may be worn immediately after undergoing a LipLase treatment but the lips and skin should stay moist and protected from the sun, so be sure to use a moisturizing lip balm and SPF 50+ sunscreen.

To clean the area, use luke-warm water and a soothing cleanser that doesn’t contain any abrasives. Afterward, pat the skin and lips dry with a towel, but don’t rub. 

Once neocollagenesis takes effect, your body will start making new collagen and continue to do so over a period of about six months, leading to improved elasticity and a reduction in laxity.

LipLase Combined With Dental Treatments

To get the ultimate Hollywood smile makeover, you could consider getting a full set of porcelain veneers combined that with plump lips from LipLase. However, treatment doesn’t have to be this dramatic to achieve good results. A process as simple as whitening or bonding would really compliment LipLase. You could even get our laser procedure done after your orthodontic treatment to boost the impact of your new smile.

LipLase Treatment In Phoenix, Arizona

If you want to see what a combination of LipLase and cosmetic dentistry can do for you, then give Dr. B of Central Valley Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona a call today.  We always love seeing new patients and being a part of their transformation.

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