Laser Snoring Treatment in Phoenix

Have you noticed issues with your sleep over the past several weeks, months, or even years? Do your roommates or family members complain about your snoring?

Snoring can be caused by a lot of different issues, ranging from alcohol intake or weight gain to soft tissue blockage or sleep apnea. Fortunately, Central Valley Dentistry in Phoenix can help!

No Bulky Appliances

Not all snoring symptoms need to be treated with a bulky medical appliance. Snoring is ultimately caused by the vibration of the soft tissues in the back of your throat. If they’re saggy, loose, bulky, etc. it can cause them to vibrate off of one another whenever you’re breathing. Yes, snoring can also be linked to sleep apnea, but that’s not always the case. If you just have problems with snoring, then a laser snoring treatment is an excellent source of relief.

How Does Laser Snoring Treatment Work?

Our Phoenix dentist uses a laser therapy called Nightlase® to treat the symptoms of snoring. Bonus—it’s FDA approved! Nightlase® uses a soft-tissue-safe laser to treat the tissues in the back of your mouth. When applied, Nightlase® helps to tighten and shrink the looser areas of tissues that are responsible for vibration and creating the audible sound of snoring. It uses light energy that’s warm, yet gentle enough that you won’t experience any discomfort.

Depending on the severity of your snoring woes, some laser snoring treatments produce results as quickly as the first night. That being said, we highly recommend scheduling three separate sessions, with one every other week (for a total of six weeks.) Since your tissues can loosen over time, we recommend occasionally touching up the area on an “as needed” basis. 

If There’s a Bigger Problem

Our Phoenix dentist will work with you to screen for more serious medical concerns that could be causing your snoring. Such as sleep apnea. Since sleep apnea can present itself with several obvious oral symptoms, we can screen for warning signs during your routine dental exam. Should we suspect an underlying sleeping disorder, we can discuss the next steps such as a home-based sleep study for further diagnosis.

Will I Need a Snoring Mouthguard?

The entire purpose of Nightlase® laser snoring treatment is to eliminate the need for a mouthpiece. While certain types of oral appliances do help with snoring and sleep apnea, they are used for particular purposes. On the other hand, Nightlase® is specifically used to tighten the loose, vibrating tissues at the back of your throat. Particularly the areas closer to your tonsils and soft palate.

Call Us Today. Sleep Better Tomorrow

It’s simpler than ever to get effective, fast snoring relief. If you’re due for a dental checkup, go ahead and give us a call. Reserve your new patient exam at Central Valley Dentistry and be sure to let us know that you’d like to discuss snoring treatment with Dr. Behbahani. Our Phoenix dentist is currently accepting new patients. We look forward to meeting you!

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