Is There An Alternative To Gum Grafting

Your gum recession is getting worse, and you’re not just worried about the way that it looks, there’s also a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that it’s going to eventually lead to losing your tooth. While gum grafting could correct the problem, you have some reservations about the process. After all, it takes a bit of time to recover and there’s not always the guarantee that a graft will “take.”

Fortunately, Central Valley Dentistry has a minimally-invasive alternative to correct areas of gum recession. It’s called the “Pinhole” technique.

Actual Patient Results

Pinhole Rejuvenation

Instead of adding new gum tissues to the area where they’re receding, we can gently tug the ones that are already there down to where they cover your tooth further down. This eliminates long recovery times and unnecessary discomfort.

As the name suggests, Dr. Babak Behbahani performs Pinhole treatment by creating an extremely small opening in the gums, higher up on the tooth. Then, while your mouth is numb, we lift the gingival tissues away from the tooth and guide them into a more extended position. Once further down the root, we can secure the new margin around the tooth so that it heals and covers a larger area. No cutting or grafting is necessary!

Pinhole rejuvenation has been successfully used for several years, on thousands of patients nation-wide.

Does Pinhole Work?

Absolutely. At Central Valley Dentistry we’re excited to offer this non-invasive surgical alternative to our patients struggling with gum recession and exposed roots. It’s both safe and highly effective.

We do recommend handling the Pinhole site with great delicacy as the gingival tissues reattach to the tooth. Take care not to scrub the area abrasively or use a stiff-bristled toothbrush. Any conditions that caused the recession will need to be addressed, so as not to lead to relapse.

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Why Some People Don’t Want to Get a Graft

Gum grafting can, unfortunately, be an extremely uncomfortable procedure. But it depends on where the graft comes form. If the tissue is being taken from the roof of your mouth, it can take a couple of weeks to heal post-surgery. Remember what it feels like to burn the roof of your mouth on a hot slice of pizza? It’s a similar sensation. Other types of grafts use donor tissue, which can make some people a bit uncomfortable (even if it is completely sterile.)

Find Out if You’re a Candidate for Gum Rejuvenation

Not everyone is a candidate for Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation treatment. During your exam, Dr. Behbahani will evaluate the area of concern as well as the gum tissues around it. If your recession is mild to moderate, Pinhole shouldn’t be a problem. More severe cases will need to be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Only a Pinhole® Academy certified dentist like Dr. Babak Behbahani can offer this technique.

If you’ve been told that you need to have a gum graft but are fearful of the uncomfortable procedure that grafting can be, we invite you to schedule a Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation consultation at our office in Phoenix. Central Valley Dentistry is happy to see new patients!

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