Is it OK to Delay My Dental Filling?

For the last couple of months, things have come to a screeching halt. Everything from elective procedures to parties have been put on hold because of “social distancing”. But for medically necessary treatments – including active tooth decay – time is of the essence.

What Happens When a Filling is Delayed?

Dental fillings fill in the open area (cavity) that’s created by active tooth decay. The bacteria that cause your decay continue to live inside of the cavity until it’s completely cleaned out and sealed off. So, when they’re left alone, the bacterial infection expands into adjacent areas and enlarges the size of the cavity.

What Will Happen if I Wait?

Ultimately, that are of decay can reach well into the tooth and the nerve inside of it. When that happens, problems like abscesses, cracked teeth, and severe tooth pain are likely. At that point, a small filling won’t be effective. Instead, a crown or root canal may be the only option that’s left. When that’s the case, additional appointments are required instead of just the one.

Sooner, Rather Than Later

Tooth decay is an infection that won’t resolve itself on its own. It’s always best to have the cavity filled as soon as it’s diagnosed before it spreads into the nerve or adjacent teeth.

But with the COVID-19 crisis, Phoenix dentists like Dr. Behbahani had to limit services due to social distancing, strain on local hospitals, and making sure medical providers had adequate PPE. So that meant routine dental fillings got put on hold. Although not ideal, it wasn’t a life or death decision to make.

It’s rare situations such as these (pandemics) where a dentist will tell you it’s ok to wait on a filling. But now that things are starting to get closer to normal again, it’s important to have areas of tooth decay fixed before they evolve into more complex issues.

Better for Your Smile

Tooth decay actively spreads. So, when a tooth has a cavity, the teeth next to it are at a higher risk of getting one as well. It’s always better (and more affordable) to treat infections when they’re small and before permanent tooth damage is done. Over the course of time, getting fillings sooner will significantly lower the amount of dental care that you need in the future!

At Central Valley Dentistry, our Phoenix dentist uses minimally-invasive, white filling materials to treat tooth decay. You can enjoy a safe and efficient appointment, lowering your chances of major dental issues in the months to come.

Committed to Keeping You Safe

We’re taking extra levels of care well beyond our extensive infection control protocols to ensure your safety at all times. If you’re hesitant about scheduling medically necessary dental care, Central Valley Dentistry is here to put your mind at ease. Our commitment to your health and safety surpasses everything that we do.

Contact our office today to schedule your filling appointment with Dr. Behbahani.

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