How To Battle Gum Loss and Recession

It’s important for anyone with a healthy smile to understand that gum tissue is thin and soft. It needs to be gently cared for.

Gum tissue loss and recession can occur easily if you don’t treat your gums right. Once it’s gone, gum tissue cannot grow back, leaving you with temperature sensitivity and an unsightly discoloration around the gum, due to the roots of the teeth being exposed.

Our Phoenix dentist can give you tips to properly take care of your gums and keep them healthy.  When you schedule regular checkups, we can keep an eye on any areas in question and intervene if we need to.

Causes of Gum Recession:

There are several reasons why someone may start experiencing gum loss, including

  • Using a hard-bristled toothbrush.
  • Brushing too hard.
  • Genetically prone to thin gum tissue.
  • Misaligned teeth, especially ones that are crowded.
  • Clenching and grinding your teeth.
  • Bad habits like scratching, or rubbing your gums with something (like a pen or pencil, for example).
  • Oral piercings that are constantly rubbing on the gum tissue can cause it to recede.
  • Tobacco use, especially smokeless (dip) tobacco.

Treatment Options for Gum Recession

You’re in luck! Central Valley Dentistry has a solution for your gum recession. Traditional treatment for gum recession used to involve removing healthy gum tissue from another part of the mouth (like the palate/roof of your mouth) and transplanting it to the needed areas. The recovery for this treatment can be painful and lengthy.

Our Phoenix dentist can treat your gum recession problems with a revolutionary process called pinhole gum rejuvenation.

During this non-invasive gum treatment, Dr. Behbahani will make a small hole in the softest area of the gum tissue, where the gum meets the inside of the lip. Then he will insert a special tool that loosens the tissue over your root. Finally, he will be able to slide the loose tissue over the receded area, like pulling a blanket over a bed, resetting it to your teeth as it should be.

Pinhole gum rejuvenation is simple, requires no cutting, grafting, or sutures. Only a board certified Dentist in the Pinhole Procedure like Dr. Behbahani can perform this minimally invasive procedure.

Preventing Further Gum Loss

Our Phoenix dentist can help pinpoint what’s causing your gum recession and give you tips for preventing further damage. Generally, you should observe the following recommendation to keep your gums healthy:

  • Do not brush too aggressively.
  • Use a soft, or extra soft toothbrush.
  • Correct any misaligned teeth with braces.
  • Regularly wear a night guard to sleep in to prevent you from grinding your teeth.
  • Avoid bad habits like putting foreign objects into your mouth.
  • Remove any oral piercings.

Visit the dentist at least twice per year to monitor your gums.  We’ll keep records that show your progression over time, to intervene if necessary.

Getting Help with Gum Recession

If you think you may have gum recession and need help treating it, then come see the professional team of Central Valley Dentistry.  Book a pinhole gum rejuvenation consultation today!

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