Four Reasons to Consider Tooth Reshaping

Symmetry is one of the key elements of natural beauty. We look for it in almost everything. So, if something about your smile is asymmetric, it can detract from the rest of your teeth. That’s why tooth contouring is such an effective solution for enhancing your smile’s appearance.

If you’ve never considered tooth reshaping or contouring before, here are some reasons why you should discuss it with our Phoenix cosmetic dentist.

It’s Quick

Reshaping a tooth takes a matter of minutes, if not seconds. It just depends on the amount of contouring that needs to take place. Anything from an irregular rough edge to an uneven cusp can be smoothed out in a quick appointment.

And since tooth reshaping usually doesn’t require any numbing or anesthetic, you can be in and out in well under half an hour. Chances are, you’ll wonder why you didn’t see our Phoenix dentist about the procedure sooner!

It’s Cost Effective

Tooth recontouring is one of the most affordable cosmetic dentistry services that we offer. The minimal investment makes a big impact, offering one of the most obvious returns-on-investment.

Getting a tooth reshaped usually costs the same or less than a routine dental filling. It just depends on the extent of the adjustments that are needed. Dr. Babak Behbahani can provide you with an individual treatment plan during your consultation, so that you know exactly how much you can expect to pay out of pocket (no surprise bills here!)

It’s Minimally Invasive

Tooth reshaping typically only affects the outermost layer of your tooth: the enamel. Since your enamel is so dense, we can adjust the contour without compromising the overall structure of your tooth. Even if we remove a thin layer (fractions of a millimeter) to smooth an uneven area, your healthy tooth is left intact.

Since recontouring is minimally invasive, it’s usually unnecessary to numb the tooth. That means no injections or waiting hours for the local anesthetic to wear off. You can expect to feel a little pressure, but that’s about it.

It Can be Combined for Maximum Results

Recontouring is something we frequently incorporate into smile makeover plans. When paired with other types of cosmetic dentistry options, you can see the best results possible.

For example, pairing tooth reshaping with whitening or bonding can eliminate the need for something like dental veneers. Especially if your teeth are relatively straight and already healthy. Or if you’re getting veneers on adjacent teeth, reshaping the ones on either side can provide optimal aesthetic appeal when those teeth don’t need other types of treatment.

Is it Right for You?

You might want to consider reshaping if your tooth is uneven, slightly rough, has a small chip, or appears too wide. Or use it with bonding to fill in gaps between teeth and restore larger fractured areas.

Smile with Confidence

At Central Valley Dentistry of Phoenix, Dr. Babak Behbahani provides a full menu of therapeutic and cosmetic dental treatments. Explore what options are available! Request your tooth reshaping consultation today to find out if you qualify.

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