Four Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns

Crowns (aka “caps”) cover your tooth all the way up to the gumlines. Unlike fillings that go inside of teeth, crowns go around it. Today’s dental crowns are typically made of a high-grade porcelain ceramic or zirconia in some cases.

If you’ve been putting your crown treatment off or aren’t sure it’s beneficial to your situation, here are four reasons why you may want to reconsider:

Prevent Tooth Loss

Tooth wear and decay is a gradual process. Unfortunately, damaged enamel will gradually get worse as time goes by. Eventually it will reach a point at where the structural damage is so severe, there’s not enough healthy tooth to restore. When that happens, the only option is to have your tooth taken out/extracted. A crown extends the lifetime and integrity of your tooth, minimizing additional treatment needs.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Dr. Behbahani can oversee the color, hue, and shape of each crown so that it accents the appearance of your smile, rather than detracts from it. When you erase the signs of tooth decay, chipped enamel, or deep staining, your entire smile benefits! Ultimately, we want your new crown to look like a natural, healthy tooth that blends in with its neighbors.

Combat Sensitivity

Since crowns cover the weak tooth underneath, it adds an extra layer of protection to the nerve inside of it. Tooth hypersensitivity from pressure or temperature changes is usually reduced. The crown distributes the pressure evenly across your tooth and blocks out harmful bacteria.

Keep in mind some people do experience a little sensitivity after crown treatment, especially if the tooth needed significant reduction. But in time, those temporary symptoms wear off.

Normal Biting/Chewing Function

Broken and compromised teeth typically lead to irregular chewing patterns. You might find that you’re chewing on one side of your mouth altogether, avoiding a specific area. When we place a crown over your tooth, it restores normal biting and chewing capacities. You’ll be able to return to a normal diet soon thereafter. The evenly distributing biting forces minimize added risks of TMJ problems and irregular chewing patterns in other parts of your mouth. 

Custom Dental Crowns in Phoenix

Central Valley Dentistry provides traditional porcelain crowns as well as same-day CEREC crown treatment in Phoenix. If you suspect that you need a crown or you want a second opinion, call today to reserve an appointment with Dr. Behbahani.

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