Does Invisalign Braces Hurt?

Many orthodontic patients in Phoenix are enjoying the same teeth straightening benefits offered through traditional braces with Invisalign clear aligners. And while a certain amount of discomfort or soreness is common with all forms of tooth movement, Invisalign is much more comfortable than metal braces. Not having to deal with rough brackets, manual adjustments, and pokey wires is a great advantage!

Causes of Soreness with Invisalign

There are two main causes of orthodontic discomfort than can happen with Invisalign:

Pain From Trays

When wearing Invisalign, you may experience some discomfort from the trays themselves.  The aligners are milled from a 3-D replica of your mouth meaning that they’re fit is very precise but occasionally you may have a place on your tray that is slightly rough and bothers your tongue, gums, or inside of you lip.

Pain From Pressure

The most common discomfort reported with Invisalign is the pressure that you feel from the actual moving of your teeth. This is something that can’t be avoided. The worst soreness will be the first days that you wear a new pair of aligners (every two weeks). Luckily, your teeth will quickly adjust to the tightness of your new trays and won’t be sore anymore after a couple of days.

How To Handle Pain From Invisalign

There are several things that you can do when you’re experiencing discomfort with Invisalign treatment.

Pain medication – The first day or so that you wear a new pair of aligners, you can take some ibuprofen to mask the discomfort. Taking medication is not something that is recommended to do long term, and if you find that you’re needing medicated pain relief frequently, you should contact your dentist or orthodontist because this is not normal.

Visit the dentist – If you’re experiencing discomfort because the aligners have sharp or rough edges, then coming in for a quick dental visit will allow us to adjust your trays and make them feel much more comfortable for you.

Use dental wax – Dental wax is great for covering areas that are rubbing against your gums and can be used until you visit the dentist for an adjustment.

Warm salt water rinses – Rinsing your mouth several times a day with a mixture of warm salt water will smooth sore places and help them heal faster.  You can do this with or without your aligners in place.

Using a cold compress – Applying a cold compress to your cheeks or lips will provide you with a numbing effect and give you relief.

Eating certain foods – During the initial couple of days of each new set of aligners, you should try to avoid crispy, crunchy, and chewy foods. Soft foods that involve less chewing are easier to eat and will not cause as much discomfort.

When to See The Dentist

Always keep in mind that Invisalign is known for being comfortable and easy to wear.  If you’re continuously struggling with wearing your Invisalign aligners due to pain, then call Central Valley Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona and let us know. We may need to take a new scan of your mouth and get new aligners made.

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