Laser Dentistry  Phoenix, AZ

Laser dentistry is a precise and efficient way of performing differing dental procedures. The ability of the dentist to perform this procedure is key, which is why we take pride in promoting this service to our patients.

Our team has confidence in our ability to control power output while limiting tissue exposure. We have the ability to treat high areas of focus without damaging your surrounding tissue. Laser dentistry is used for a number of our dental treatments here at Central Valley Dentistry. Our patients utilize this service for anything from teeth whitening to sensitive teeth. We’re able to address tooth decay as well as tissue removal in regards.

One of the biggest concerns of our patients is gum maintenance and hygiene. With laser dentistry, we’re able to effectively combat gum disease by using different types of gum lasering, and it’s significantly benefitted our patients and their smile. Dental lasers are used during surgical procedures to cut or remove tissue, or strengthen and harden a filling material. Lasers can also aid in enhancing the whitening effects during cosmetic dentistry procedures.

With continued advancement in technology, Central Valley Dentistry is excited where we are heading. If you need any of the laser dentistry procedures completed, we would love to take care of you. If you have any additional questions or concerns please reach out to us and we’ll do the best we can to ensure you exit the conversation with satisfaction and a smile.

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