Digital records of the condition of your teeth are not only a paperless alternative, but also an efficient one. The records can include your dental history and every check up you’ve attended, x-ray files and other dental imagery, before and after photos, and so much more. This will create a huge impact on the dental industry as it leaves a paper trail for patients and dentists to follow.

Here at Central Valley Dentistry, we want to ensure we are keeping up with current trends in the dental industry as well as providing our patients with the best service in Arizona.

Digital files not only develops a more efficient dental record system, it also allows you to share past results and procedures with different specialists.

These digital dental records allow us to easily and quickly assess your condition before you even sit down in the chair. And when you need a second opinion or are referred to a specialist, a dentist with the same software for digital records will be able to easily read your dental record history.

By saving paper and office space by removing filing cabinets and folders, digital dental record technology is drastically impacting practices across the country as well as the environment.

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