Dental Laser Treatments: SmoothLase, LipLase, and NightLase

Our Phoenix, Arizona patients can always count on us to provide them with the latest and greatest technology and treatments available in dentistry.

That being said, Dr. B is proud to introduce a new group of laser treatments to his menu, which includes procedures like SmoothLase, LipLase, and NightLase.

SmoothLase For Younger Looking Skin

SmoothLase is a great alternative to expensive and extensive facial plastic surgery treatments. Our laser works well on light to medium wrinkled skin and brings back the elasticity that is lost with aging. The treatment promotes self-healing and anti-aging, resulting in skin that’s tighter and more toned around the mouth, cheeks, lips, and face.

Smoothlase is applied from the inside of the mouth targeting deep structural skin tissues to boost the production of collagen. This type of application is less invasive than traditional lasers.

The average person will need one SmoothLase treatment per every 10 years of their age. Sessions take about 30 minutes and to give sufficient time for new collagen to develop. They should be spaced about three weeks apart from each other.

After your full treatment is complete, we may recommend that you return for a booster treatment every six months.

LipLase For Lip Enhancing

LipLase treatment offers non-surgical, non-invasive lip enhancement by heating the innermost layers of the lips to promote collagen regeneration. LipLase is performed from inside and outside of the lips to enhance their overall shape and form without the use of painful lip injections, or foreign materials inserted into your body.

LipLase treatment is the fastest of our new laser treatments. Each session takes approximately 20 minutes. Discomfort is usually minimal and doesn’t require anesthesia. However, if you prefer to be numbed, let us know so that we can accommodate you and make you as comfortable as possible. After the procedure, it’s common to feel the heat of the laser for up to 30 minutes but other than that there is zero downtime, and no risk of post-op bruising.

NightLase For Better Sleep

Snoring is often caused by the vibration of the soft tissue in the roof of the mouth. There are surgical procedures available to tighten this area and reduce snoring but they are invasive. Other anti-snoring solutions like wearing a mouthpiece are available but the bulky acrylic can be hard to wear. NightLase provides a de-snoring solution that’s easy and effective.

A full procedure of NightLase consists of three separate 25-minute treatments that take place over the course of a six week period. Results can last up to one year at which point the procedure can be repeated.

Laser Dentistry In Phoenix, Arizona

To discover which one of our new laser treatments is best for you, visit Central Valley Dentistry. Dr. B would love to speak with you regarding the changes you’d like to see. Together we can make your teeth functional and aesthetically pleasing, as well as help your facial appearance shine to look your best. Don’t delay, call now for an appointment.

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