Crown vs. Fillings: Which Is the Better Option?

When visiting your Phoenix dentist for an exam, you may have an option of getting either a filling or crown to fix your problematic tooth.  At Central Valley Dentistry we can help you decide which option is best for your situation. Understanding the differences between the two and knowing when their best to use, will help in your decision making.

What Is A Crown?

A dental crown is a fabricated “cap” that’s permanently cemented over your tooth.  Crowns are made from strong materials that can withstand the force of everyday chewing. This restoration is meant to protect weak or structurally compromised teeth.

If a natural tooth is at risk of breaking, our Phoenix dentist can design and place a crown that will stabilize and prolong the life of your tooth. Examples of a compromised tooth that would benefit from a crown could be one that has visible cracks, decay, previous restorative work, or a root canal.

In order to place a crown, our Central Valley dentist will first have to reduce the size of the tooth.  This process allows the crown fits over the tooth and be properly aligned with the rest of your smile.

With the use of state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, getting a crown is no longer a process that requires two appointments, weeks apart.  With our CEREC machine, Dr. Behbahani can prep your tooth, create, and place your crown in one day!

When properly cared for, a crown can last many years.

What About Getting a Filling?

A filling is another type of restoration that’s less invasive to your tooth. They’re useful for repairing small cavities or broken teeth. Once the tooth is prepped and cleaned, we bond tooth-colored filling material in the space, restoring your tooth.  In many cases, fillings work well and can last a long time.

Which Is Better?

Ultimately a crown protects a tooth better than a filling does, but that’s not to say that a filling doesn’t work well.  If our Phoenix dentist offers you both a crown and filling option, then it’s likely either will work well in your case, so the decision is up for discussion.

You may decide what treatment to select based on the amount of time you have (a filling is quicker), or how much money you want to invest (a crown is more expensive).

Treatment is only definitive if certain dental cases, like when there’s a significant amount of tooth gone. If that’s the situation, then you’ll definitely want to invest the extra money to get a crown since a large filling makes a tooth weak and vulnerable to breaking.

Trust the Smile Experts

The professional team at Central Valley Dentistry is here to help you make the right decision about your dental care. From minimally invasive fillings to same-day dental crowns, we have all of the treatment options available to fit your unique situation. Call us today for a free consultation! We look forward to serving your family’s smiles.



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