Common Root Canal Myths

The mere mention of a root canal treatment is enough to give some of us jitters. But it isn’t your fault. We all did grow up with some scary portrayals of a treatment that traditionally involved discomfort and intimidating techniques.

But the truth is that with all the advancements we’ve seen in dentistry, a root canal procedure is gentle, safe, and a treat investment in your smile. The key lies in understanding the procedure and how it works.

Here are some common root canal myths:

I Don’t Need a Root Canal Because My Tooth Doesn’t Hurt

Contrary to the popular belief, tooth pain is not a great indicator of dental issues. Did you know that if all your teeth seem fine, you still might need of a root canal? At our Phoenix office, we often see patients with inflamed or infected pulp tissues caused from a crack, injury, or severe untreated decay. But otherwise, don’t feel any pain and may be surprised when our dentist says there’s an issue.

The most common reason behind this myth is that tooth nerves eventually die without showing any symptoms of discomfort. But this process leaves your remaining tooth, gums, and bone still vulnerable to other problems.

Root Canals are Painful

While you may associate a root canal with pain, the reality is that the most pain comes due to the infection of the tooth. Dr. Behbahani uses the latest technology and techniques to make sure your root canal is safe and comfortable.

We use local anesthesia that prevents you from feeling a thing during your appointment. Most of our patients vouch that their root canal was as painless as getting a routine crown or filing. The only thing you should feel is a little pressure. If your gums are sore afterward, a mild over the counter pain reliever is typically more than enough to keep you comfortable.

It’s Better to Get My Tooth Pulled Than Have a Root Canal

We often hear questions about extractions vs. root canal treatment. At Central Valley Dentistry, we always recommend preserving your natural teeth for as long as possible. While there are several options available for extracted teeth )like dentures, implants, and bridges) some don’t substitute the strength of your natural teeth. Plus, they increase the total cost and treatment time of your smile’s care.

On the other hand, a root canal allows us to preserve and protect your natural tooth. Since it’s safe to say it’s painless, you don’t have to worry about additional treatments on top of a dental extraction. Always try to save your tooth when it’s an option.

Root Canal Second Opinions

If you feel uncertain about your dentist’s recommendations about a root canal, it’s fine to ask for a second opinion. But don’t put it off. If you do, your infection may progress to the point where your tooth cannot be saved. We encourage you to contact our Phoenix root canal dentist at your earliest opportunity to discuss your concerns.

Call our dentist today. We’ll  be happy to put your root canal doubts to rest.

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