Combat Gum Loss in Phoenix with Pinhole Rejuvenation

If you’ve struggled with gum recession or long teeth, you may have been told that you needed to have a gum graft to cover your tooth roots back up. Traditional grafting can be very painful and require lengthy recovery times. This means more time off work, being unable to eat as you would like, and lengthy procedures to complete. But thanks to more recent advancements in periodontal health, there’s a new — and more convenient — option that allows us to reverse the effects of gum loss. It’s called Pinhole Rejuvenation.


No Grafts. No Cutting. No Sutures.

Conventional graft tissue is taken from the roof of your mouth or a donor, and then sewn into the area of your gum recession. Sounds scary, right?

With Pinhole techniques, a tiny opening is made in the gums above your tooth. Using a small instrument, the gums are stretched from underneath and against the teeth, guiding them down into place closer to the crown of the tooth. Then, tiny collagen strips are placed inside of the Pinhole treatment area, which makes reattachment and healing occur more quickly. In most cases, our patients recover in a very short period of time, often overnight.


Why Gum Coverage Matters

Your gingiva plays an important role in your oral health. As a protective layer around the roots of teeth, it guards them against sensitivity and helps to anchor them directly to the bone. Thousands of tiny ligaments span from your gums to the tooth, keeping it in alignment while also allowing it to respond to the pressures of biting and chewing.

Without your gums protecting your teeth, they’re more susceptible to sensitivity and decay (because there’s no hard enamel layer protecting your roots.) That’s not to mention the aesthetic concern involved! Having healthy teeth but prevalent bone loss can significantly distract from the appearance of your smile.

But most importantly, gum loss is usually the result of trauma or disease. If not corrected, it can make your teeth susceptible to loosening or even falling out.


“Do I Need a Gum Surgery?”

Pinhole Rejuvenation isn’t just for the aesthetic appearance of your smile, but it does help with that. It primarily serves to restore the gum tissue that should be covering your exposed root surfaces. If you’ve had a tendency to scrub hard when you brush your teeth, have been treated for gum disease, or suffer from recession due to something like tobacco use, then the part of your tooth that is exposed is highly susceptible to decaying.

Investing in Phoenix Pinhole treatment is the easiest and most comfortable way to protect your smile and the way it looks.


Pinhole Gum Treatments in Phoenix

Not all Phoenix dentists are trained to provide Pinhole gum treatments to their patients. Some even refer their patients to a periodontal specialist. At Central Valley Dentistry, Dr. Babak Behbahani is trained and experienced in providing in-house soft tissue therapy and Pinhole treatments. He has been certified by the Pinhole® Academy to perform this exact procedure. Call us today at (602) 246-0385 to schedule a consultation and find out more about how this revolutionary new treatment could be the answer you’ve been looking for.


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