CEREC Same-Day Dentistry in Phoenix

Central Valley Dentistry uses some of the most advanced technology available in the dental industry. By investing in the best equipment, we’ve available to provide a higher level of care — and more efficient services — for our patients and their families.

One such investment that we’ve made is in a CAD/CAM system known as CEREC. CEREC Same Day Crowns provides in-house 3D imaging and milling capabilities, allowing us to design, create, and fit permanent restorations in just one day. That way you can bypass the need of waiting on a lab for two weeks.

Dental crowns are one of the most common CEREC restorations that we design. The same-day crown process involves a normal prep visit, digital scan, and then milling of the new crown from a solid block of ceramic. The results provide:

  • Enhanced accuracy
  • No room for human error
  • Custom matched porcelain
  • No additional appointments
  • No gooey impressions

With CEREC, we use a 3D imaging wand to “scan” your tooth and create a digital impression. The high accuracy allows us to create a digital version of your tooth inside of the computer planning software. It’s extremely detailed, allowing for an impeccable fit when it comes to creating a crown or other restoration.

Unlike popular digital printing CAD/CAM technology that most people are familiar with, CEREC doesn’t “print” teeth. Rather, it mills or carves the new restoration out of a solid piece of ceramic. This process allows for optimal integrity and reinforcement of your finished restoration.

If you’ve been putting off your visit because of uncomfortable, gooey impressions, you’re in luck. There are no bulky trays to bite down on. Instead, the small wand simply captures a digital measurement of each of your teeth. So, if you’re someone who has a sensitive gag reflex, you can comfortably complete your procedure.

Best of all, CEREC technology cuts down on the time you spend at our Phoenix dentist’s office. Instead of making multiple trips back and forth or needing to numb your tooth more than once, everything can be completed in the same visit. It’s a great opportunity to catch up on other dental work you may need.

CEREC is the leader in digital dental design and has been used successfully for nearly 20 years! Today’s CAD/CAM technology allows for better care than ever.

Enjoy convenient, accessible ceramic dental restorations. Call Central Valley Dentistry today to reserve an exam with Dr. Babak Behbahani.

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