Better Diagnosing with Digital Technology

Have you visited a dentist lately and noticed that their practice is still using paper charts and film x-rays? Apparently, they didn’t get the memo of just how effective today’s technological resources can be. Advancements in dentistry are always occurring; every time we turn around there’s another new – better product in the industry.

Central Valley Dentistry likes to stay on top of these technologies and offer ones that focus on patient comfort along with our ability to diagnose and treat you more proficiently.

Digital Dental Records

We keep your chart on file in a secured digital database. Do you want to know how long it’s been since you’ve had that crown? Well, we can tell you in an instant. With all your data organized and easy to find, we don’t have to flip through dozens of hand-written – hard to read notes. All information is right at our fingertips.

If you have an allergy or a medical alert that we need to be aware of – your chart will show us as soon as we open it. This helps ensure your safety and allows our clinical staff to take the necessary precautions.

Digital X-Rays

Not only does your virtual chart hold your past and outstanding procedures, it also stores your digital x-rays. This technology provides:

● Less exposure to radiation ● Instant view of your digital image ● Better quality imaging than films ● Faster diagnosis (and shorter appointments)


When digital 2-D radiographs don’t cut it – a cat-scan certainly does. This single, 3-D image will show us everything that we need to see from the neck up. We can look inside your tooth and bone to help us diagnose and treat you correctly.

Considering a dental implant? With cat-scan technology we’ll be able to measure the bone and determine if and where an implant can be placed. We’ll know exactly what size implant is right for you which will give us more predictable results.

Concerned about oral cancer? Malformities can show on cat-scans. If we see anything suspicious, we can take the next step in diagnosing, or putting your mind at ease, about oral cancers.

Intraoral Cameras

Sometimes if a problem is hard to find, our intraoral camera can help locate the source of trouble. Acting like a microscope we may be able to find hairline fractures on your tooth that have been causing you pain. Our patient’s love to see what we find in their mouths and intraoral cameras can show them exactly what we’re looking at during an exam. Digital Photography

Our digital cameras take high quality images of your smile that help us develop a treatment plan for you. Whether it’s orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry, seeing your smile at different angles is beneficial to us all.

Technology You Can Trust

Dr. Babak Behbahani only incorporates the best products and technology in our office such as these digital and same day crown options. When you’re a patient of Central Valley Dentistry you’ll see why more and more patients in the Phoenix, AZ area have been leaving their vintage dental experience for our top-notch dental care. Come see for yourself!

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