Are Phoenix Same Day Crowns Worth the “No Wait?”

Are Phoenix Same Day Crowns Worth the “No Wait?”

A dental crown is a thin porcelain shell, or “cap” that fits over your tooth. These restorations are used to protect weak teeth from getting damaged.

For years getting a crown was a two-appointment procedure.  During the first visit our Phoenix, Arizona dentist would prep the tooth, take an impression of it, and send that mold to a dental laboratory for your permanent crown to get made. While you waited for your new crown, you would wear a temporary restoration to prevent any sensitivity.  Typically, the second appointment would be a few weeks later and it would involve removing your temporary crown and cementing your new one in place.

But now there’s an option to have everything done in one day.

What Is a Same Day Crown?

The advanced technology available today has allowed for a new generation of dental crowns, which are commonly referred to as same day crowns. This method combines both appointments into one.

Once your tooth is prepped, our dentist will take a 3-D digital scan of your mouth, rather than using gooey impression material.  Once the image is digitally mapped out, we can use it to design your crown and have your new tooth milled by our state-of-the-art milling machine. All of this takes place while you wait comfortably in the clinical room, reception area, or catch up on any other treatment that you need.

Are Same Day Crowns Worth It?

While same day crowns are mainly intended to save you time, there are some other advantages, as well as disadvantages when compared to doing it the traditional way.

Advantages of Same Day Crowns

No temporary needed – There are several issues that can occur with temporary crowns. For instance, they can pop-off your tooth and cause temperature sensitivity. 

They cost the same – Typically same-day crowns cost about the same amount as regular crowns. The portion of the fee that was used to cover the lab charge now goes toward the cost of the supplies and equipment.

Insurance pays – If you have dental insurance, your policy will have no objections to paying toward a same day crown vs. a regular crown.

Same day crowns fit better – Using 3-D imagery is much more accurate than impression material. In the end, your crown will fit much snugger and protect your tooth better.

Disadvantages of Same Day Crowns

Aesthetic Limitations – Having a dental technician to make your crown allows for more artistry which in the case of trying to match the shade of a front tooth crown to other teeth is sometimes necessary.

No metal – If you have a strong bite, or clench and grind your teeth, then a metal crown may be best for you. Gold is the strongest kind of crown and same day crowns aren’t available in this material.

Same Day Crowns in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’re in need of a dental crown and don’t want to spend any more time than necessary in the dentist chair, you should call Central Valley Dentistry.  We can get you and in and out with a brand new tooth in no time. Come to see Dr. Babak Behbahani and his friendly staff today!

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