Watch a real patient describe their All-On-4 Experience

All On 4 Denture Implants

Are you one of the many people in the Phoenix area that is suffering from problems with your dentures? Dentures have been around for a very long time but they are no longer what we would consider state of the art. They are uncomfortable, you have to constantly buy denture glue, food gets stuck in them, and they don’t give you the beautiful smile that you deserve.

Central Valley Dentistry can help you obtain and give you your smile back with the help of the revolutionary All on 4 Dental Implant procedure. Dr. Behbahani can help you say goodbye to dentures in a one day with these alternatives. With the “All On Fours” you can get rid of your loose fitting and old dentures for a more permanent solution.

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Watch a real patient describe their All-On-4 Experience


The all on four treatments from Central Valley Dentistry is a minimally invasive solution that features a fixed full-arch restoration that gives former denture wearers the smile they have always wanted. The procedure will give you a new smile in only a single day of surgery.

  • You get a full-arch rehab with only 4 implants, hence why they have named it an All-on-4 implant.
  • The implant consists of two implants that are straight and two that are tilted up to 45 degrees in the back.
  • After the all on four implant procedure you will have immediate function with the help of a fixed provisional bridge.
  • The procedure does not involve any bone grafting which makes it much less painful


The first step will for you to come in and get a FREE consultation with Dr. Behbahani at our conveniently located Phoenix area office. The doctor will take a look at your case and work with you to see what the best possible solution would be and if you are a good candidate for the All on 4 denture implant procedure.

For an All on 4 to be successful the bone density around the area of the implant must be enough to accept the surgically placed implants. A majority of the time this will be the case, but there might be some cases where the patient might need a bone graft to get the area ready for the All on 4 implants.

After it has been determined that you are a candidate for the all on fours implants, Dr. Behbahani will install four posts into your gums where your permanent dentures will eventually be attached. After the completion of this surgery, you will be given some time to heal before the actual permanent dentures are fitted into place. During this time, you will be given a temporary denture.

Once you have completed the implant surgery you will be left with a revitalized smile that you can be proud of. No more need for gluing and adjusting those unsightly dentures. The All on 4 implants are less bulky, palate free and offer a more natural look.

All on 4 Before & After


  • Permanent solution
  • Improved look and smile compared to traditional dentures with only 4 implants
  • No need to use denture glue
  • Food particles will no longer get stuck under your partials or dentures
  • Stronger teeth allowing you to chew you food without the worry of your dentures moving or falling out.
  • You don’t have to take out your dentures every night
  • Procedure can be completed in a single day
  • Because the teeth are permanent, they will no longer shift or loosen over time
  • The procedure is more cost effective and easier to replace teeth.
  • You can clean them just like natural teeth without the use of messy gels pastes or adhesives.

Central Valley Dentistry in Phoenix offers anyone interested in the All on 4 implant procedure a FREE consultation and FREE CT Scan for a bone density assessment at our Phoenix Office. We also understand that affordability of these procedures is a main concern and that is why we offer a number of financial options to help you with the cost. If you have already received a quote for an All on 4 from another dentist, bring it in and let us give you a more cost effective solution today!

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