All on 4 Implants vs Dentures

At Central Valley Dentistry we tailor your missing tooth replacement to fit your lifestyle and budget. For years, traditional denture designs have been a fast and affordable option. But compared to today’s dental implant placement, our Phoenix patients have more options than ever.

How can you decide whether regular dentures or an All-on-4 prosthesis is better for you? Consider these major differences…


When it comes to the most affordable option to replace missing teeth, dentures will almost always be the answers. Made of economical materials and fast to fabricate, dentures provide budget-friendly, entry-level answers for tooth replacement needs.

However, slightly more costly dental implants offer the most cost effective solution. Why? Because dental implants don’t have to be replaced. Once you’ve made the decision to get them, implants are with you for life. So in reality, getting an All-on-4 prosthesis is a smart financial decision for the future of your smile (and that’s just one of many advantages.)


A denture is made to fit directly against your gums. However, the pressure from wearing a removable prosthesis can cause your gum and bone anatomy to gradually change over time, requiring adjustments, relines, or replacement.

All-on-4 restorations are attached on top of implants, which are permanently stabilized and don’t alter in position or size, allowing for a secure fit all day, every day.


Dentures only require an impression of your mouth to create and fit. If you need to have teeth extracted, it’s possible to place a same day denture that can be adjusted or relined after you’ve fully healed.

Traditionally, dental implants take several months to complete from start to finish. This can make them less attractive to some of our Phoenix patients. But since our Phoenix dentist uses 3D CT scanning and has years of equipment, it’s actually possible for us to perform extractions and place your dental implants on the very same day.

Shape and Design:

All-on-4 implants follow the natural “U” shape of your mouth, only covering the areas where your teeth once were. Since they don’t use suction to keep them in your mouth, they only consist of the “teeth” that are taking the place of your missing ones (and a limited amount of pink acrylic against the gums.)

In contrast, dentures cover the full roof of your mouth and use suction to keep them where they are. This makes them feel bulky and can interfere both with your speech and being able to taste the food that you eat.


The permanency of All-on-4 implants means they’re a fixed part of your smile that’s never moving or rocking. But with a removable denture, the plate can rub against your gums causing sores and irritation throughout the day. While adhesives may help, they’re not a reliable fix.

Still not sure which one is right for you? Schedule a free All-on-4 consultation in Phoenix at Central Valley Dentistry today. We’ll talk about all of the options available and help you find a long term smile solution that fits your lifestyle and budget. Flexible financing plans available! Call now.


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