Advantages of Pinhole Gum Surgery in Phoenix

The health of your gums is something that should be taken seriously. This tissue can be very thin and sensitive, meaning gum recession can develop easily. As a result, you’ll be left to deal with a list of side effects from having such a condition.

Traditional methods to treat gum recession can be invasive procedures that require a substantial amount of recovery time. Dr. B of Central Valley Dentistry, however, is known for providing the latest revolutionary gum rejuvenation treatment available in Phoenix, Arizona. With this minimally invasive procedure you’ll benefit from the following:

Scalpel-Free Gum Treatment

The conventional way to repair receding gums is through a procedure that involves removing tissue from the roof of your mouth then transplanting it around the recessed gum area. Pinhole gum rejuvenation doesn’t remove any tissue, so no cutting is needed. We simply make a small hole at the top of the gum, loosen it from the inside, and maneuver the tissue down toward the tooth where it belongs.

No Sutures

In addition to being scalpel-free, there are no sutures needed for pinhole gum rejuvenation treatment. Since there’s no grafting tissue to remove or transplants to be placed, there’s nothing to suture. The pinholes are very small and don’t require stitching.

Minimal Bleeding

No cutting, no removal of tissue, and no transplanting means that there is a minimal amount of bleeding during and after treatment. When you leave our office, you won’t look like you just had four wisdom teeth pulled; you’ll barely have any redness at all.

Quick Recovery Time

With pinhole gum rejuvenation surgery being non-invasive, the recovery time that you experience is much quicker than with traditional gum surgery. Since the openings that we make are so small, they typically close up on their own within a couple of days.

Minimal Pain After Treatment

Minimally invasive treatments typically mean little discomfort afterward—this is especially true for the pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure. You will experience a minor amount of pain post-op if any at all. Over-the-counter pain medications should be all that you need to relieve any soreness that you experience.

Instant Results

Once the pinhole gum procedure is complete, you will see results immediately. This is very different from traditional gum graft methods that take weeks to reveal long term results.

Low Risk of Complications

With no scalpels or gum tissue to transplant, minimal bleeding, and tiny holes made in the gum, the complications that can appear after treatment are very rare.

Excellent Results

The post-op gum tissue is healthy and looks natural because it’s tissue that belongs there in the first place, not a graft that was moved in from another part of your mouth.

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation in Phoenix

Remember, the best thing to do when it comes to your gum tissue is to take care of what you have and prevent recession before it starts. Our Phoenix, Arizona dentist can when gum recession has gone too far. Do you have exposed or sensitive roots? Give us a call to see if pinhole gum rejuvenation is right for you!

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