Advantages of Getting A Same Day Crown in Phoenix

A crown is a custom made “tooth shell” that covers a weak tooth with the intention of protecting it from getting damaged any more than it already is. It’s one of the most common procedures that Dr. Babak Behbahani of Central Valley Dentistry performs at our Phoenix, Arizona dental office.

Not only are dental crowns common and effective, but our Phoenix practice offers them in an innovative same-day crown procedure that benefits both patient and dentist alike.

Typical Crown Procedures

The conventional way of getting a crown is a lengthy, multi-appointment procedure spanning over a couple of weeks or more.

During the first initial visit, bulk of the procedure is completed. Your dentist contours all of the surfaces of the tooth in order to make room for the crown and have it align with your other natural teeth.

Once your tooth is prepped, a mold of the area is taken. This replica of your mouth gets sent to a dental laboratory, where an expert technician will custom make your new “tooth.” Doing so usually takes at least two weeks, if not more.

During that period of time, you’ll wear a temporary crown made by your dentist. When the permanent restoration arrives at the office, you’ll go back in for a second time for what’s called the “seat appointment”. We’ll remove your provisional crown, try in the permanent one, make any necessary adjustments, and then cement it in place.

The Disadvantages of Wearing A Temporary Crown

You should take caution with temporary crowns, because the material that they’re made from isn’t very durable. The crown can break if you eat hard foods like crunchy granola bars. Also, the cement that’s used is temporary, so it isn’t the strongest. You should be careful not to eat sticky foods. Gum or chewy candies could cause the crown to pop off.

Temporary crowns can also cause sensitivity, because their fit isn’t precise. Meaning, cold and hot temperatures can reach the natural tooth underneath.

Gum irritation is also common with provisional crowns, because of the open margins around the edges.

Aesthetics can be a concern as well, due to temporary materials being limited on the shades available and the dull surface appearance.

Benefits of Same Day Crown Procedure

Luckily there’s an alternative to wearing a temporary crown or making multiple trips to the dentist’s office. With the use of our digital scanner and CEREC machine, our Phoenix dentist can combine both your crown appointments into one visit.

After preparing your tooth, we scan the area with a wand that creates an accurate digital 3-D replica. There’s no need for gooey impression material in your mouth! Using a 3-D model and not having to deal with questionable molds (or transporting delicate dental materials to an off-site lab) results in a better fitting crown that requires fewer adjustments at seat time. Essentially, there’s no room for human error!

Once the scan is ready, our Phoenix dentist will digitally design your custom crown and fabricate it right here in our office using a state-of-the-art CEREC machine. All while you wait! As soon as the restoration is complete, we’ll cement it in place, and you’ll be on your way.

Same Day Crowns in Phoenix, Arizona

Central Valley Dentistry always strives to bring you the latest and best advances that are available in dentistry. Not only is your care more efficient thanks to CEREC, it’s offered at the highest quality possible.

Call our office today to visit with Dr. Behbahani and find out if a same-day crown is right for you.

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