5 Reasons to Consider an All-On-Four Implant Denture

Before deciding if an all-on-four implant denture is right for you, it’s important to understand what it actually is.

An implant is a small titanium post that’s placed within your jaw, where the tooth roots normally are. Essentially, they replace the roots, allowing themselves to be used as an anchor to hold restorations like crowns or dentures in place.

In the case of an all-on-four implant denture, our Phoenix dentist can get you a full set of fixed replacement teeth by inserting four, strategically placed implants into your upper or lower arch. Attachments that extend past the posts help secure the appliance in place.

Our Phoenix dentist can help you decide if this treatment is right for you, but there are many reasons why you may want to consider it before your visit with us:

  • Your Current Denture Is Too Bulky

  • Traditional dentures rely on suction to stay in place.  Meaning, the bulkier they are, the more retention they have. However, all of that material can be a lot to handle. All-on-four implant dentures only require a minimum amount of material, resulting in a much more comfortable wear.

  • You Have A Strong Gag Reflex

  • Foreign objects in your mouth can trigger your gag reflex, especially appliances that cover the entire roof of your mouth or go very far back closer to your throat.  With all-on-four implant, the palate can be cut out and dentures can be made shorter, making them more tolerable.

  • Your Speech Is Impaired by Your Current Denture

  • Your speech may become altered when you’re forced to have dentures that are large and bulky. You may not be able to say certain words like you used to or talk with a lisp. All-on-four implant dentures could be the right solution for you to speak more clearly.

  • You Have A Shallow Palate or Lower Bone Ridge

  • Having a deep upper palate and a lower bone ridge are essential for holding traditional dentures in place.  The problem is, with age, the bone becomes thinner and many people struggle to get enough suction to keep their appliances in.  Since all-on-four dentures are anchored onto implants, they’re a great alternative if you have a shallow bone ridge.

  • You Want A Fixed Tooth Replacement Solution

  • Probably the most attractive solution that all-on-four implant dentures has to offer is that they allow for a fixed tooth replacement option.  You don’t have to live in fear wondering if your denture is going to pop out when you’re chewing gum, or if it’s going to fall out of your mouth when you’re laughing hysterically.  This procedure is great for giving patients the peace of mind that they deserve. 

    Same Day Dentures in Phoenix

    Did you know that you new smile could just be one day away?  It’s true!  Central Valley Dentistry offers all-on-four implant dentures that are available right away.  You no longer have to wait months to get a new smile. If this is something that you’re interested in, then give our Phoenix dentist a call today to schedule a consultation.

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