5 Early Signs That You May Need A Root Canal in Phoenix

5 Early Signs That You May Need A Root Canal in Phoenix 

When it comes to root canal therapy, it’s best if it’s diagnosed and treated early.  The infection caused by a dental abscess can cause serious pain. But the truth is, there are usually some milder symptoms that show up first.  Being able to recognize these potential problems can really help determine the outcome of your tooth’s future

Soreness When You Bite Down

Some of the first signs of a developing dental abscess can be biting soreness.  If it bothers you to chew certain foods, like tough meats or hard granola bars, your tooth could possibly be infected.

Temperature Sensitivity

Discomfort with cold can be normal for certain teeth, but if you start noticing that warm foods and drinks are bothering you then you should, definitely call Central Valley Dentistry for an exam.

A Pimple on Your Gums

Underneath the gum tissue is a layer of porous bone.  Inside of that, the roots to our teeth are held. When a tooth infection occurs, an abscess pools at the bottom of the tooth’s root. Occasionally, this abscess will be evident from the outside of the gum tissue. It looks like a pimple and is known as a “fistula” and is full of pus.

Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Most of the time when there’s a fistula present, you’ll also notice a bad taste in your mouth.  This is because the infection is draining out of a tiny hole in your gums.Because the infection is able to drain and isn’t building up any pressure, most patients with an open fistula don’t experience much tooth pain.  This does not mean that having a pimple on your gum is a good thing.  There is still an infection that needs to be removed and treatment should not be delayed.

Swelling Inside of Your Mouth

Though a fistula is a type of gum swelling, it’s usually a small, localized problem.  Inflammation can often occur around the entire tooth and into the jaw, causing a larger area to swell.

What Takes Place During Root Canal Therapy?

During a root canal, our Phoenix dentist will access the root of the tooth by creating an opening through the top of it. The damaged and infected nerve tissue will be removed from each root. Once the canals are disinfected, we fill them with a sealant material to close them off.

Once your root canal is complete, we will fill in the hollow nerve chamber.  It’s strongly recommended that after this step, the tooth is prepped for a crown.  In most dental practices, getting a crown is a two-appointment procedure. But with our advanced equipment, it doesn’t have to be! Our in-house CEREC equipment allows our Phoenix dentist to design and fabricate your same day crown while you wait. Before you leave, you’ll be completely finished with your treatment and leave with a permanent crown.

Gentle Root Canal Treatments in Phoenix

If you suspect you may need a root canal in Phoenix, call us or book an online appointment for a consultation. The friendly dentist and staff of Central Valley Dentistry are happy to help!

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