3 Reasons to Invest in a Smile Makeover in Phoenix

3 Reasons to Invest in a Smile Makeover

Have you been mulling the idea around of getting a smile makeover? Central Valley Dentistry offers a variety of services to help enhance the appearance of your teeth. Here are three reasons why it might finally be time to invest in yourself:

You Can Feel More Confident

When something about your smile makes you feel embarrassed, you probably hide your teeth without giving it much thought. You refrain from smiling, avoid taking photographs, or talking to other people. The lack of confidence you feel in your smile can have some unwanted side effects — such as making you seem shy or stand-offish — even if that’s not really the type of person that you are.

The second most people look in the mirror at their smile makeover, they almost instantly feel more confident about the way that they look. This noticeable improvement subconsciously impacts almost every aspect of their life, from personal to professional relationships.

It Doesn’t Have to be “Super Expensive”

One of the very best reasons to invest in a smile makeover today is because you can adjust it to fit your budget. You don’t necessarily need to go all-out Hollywood unless you want to. The varying levels and techniques used for smile makeovers are tailored to the individual.

For instance, you might want to keep it conservative by exploring whitening, dental bonding, or gum recontouring. A lot of these treatments can be completed in just one trip to our Phoenix cosmetic dental office.

Perhaps you’d prefer to update your outdated dental work with white, attractive restorations. Today’s tooth-colored fillings and porcelain crowns help your smile look brighter while also reinforcing compromised teeth.

And then there’s the go-big-or-go-home option: porcelain veneers. Depending on how many veneers you need and the type you want, we can once again adjust this treatment to fit your budget!

At Central Valley Dentistry we’ll draft a care plan that outlines all the costs involved in each respective treatment. That way you can know exactly what things cost before deciding which one you want.

It’s an Investment in Your Lifestyle

A lot of people never realize how life-changing a smile makeover truly is until they experience it for themselves. When you’re able to laugh freely and smile around other people, you’ll make a great first impression everywhere you go. Numerous studies show that people who have attractive teeth tend to be seen as friendlier and do better at things like job interviews (sometimes even being offered a higher salary.)

If you’re dipping your toe back into the dating scene or are thinking about changing careers, looking your best is important. A smile makeover — just like a great wardrobe and personal hygiene — can help you look your best wherever you go. It’s a priceless investment.

Plan Your Smile Transformation

Dr. Babak Behbahani offers customized cosmetic dentistry in Phoenix. If you’re looking to enhance a couple of teeth — or transform all of them — we can make it a reality. Call Central Valley Dentistry today to reserve a consultation and learn more about our flexible payment plan options.

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