Do I Need A Dental Bridge?

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Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges are multi-tooth restorations that span across the gap caused by missing teeth. On each end of the bridge is a functional cap (crown) that is bonded on top of a pair of implants, or healthy teeth. Their unique function makes them appropriate for a number of uses, such as…

If You’re Missing a Tooth or Two

Bridges are straightforward solutions for filling in a space left behind by a missing tooth. If you’re planning to have a tooth pulled or lost one due to an accident, a dental bridge will likely be one of your top choices for replacing it.

Dental Bridges Phoenix

To Preserve Tooth Alignment and Function

When teeth have extra space between them after an extraction, they tend to start to drift and move out of place. This changes the overall bite of the entire mouth (including teeth on the opposing arch.) Getting a bridge will help maintain proper tooth spacing so that changes in your smile’s alignment isn’t a side effect of losing a tooth. We recommend getting your dental bridge shortly after the extraction site has healed.

Instead of Wearing a Partial Denture  

Partial dentures are removable prosthetics that provide replacement of missing teeth, but only for a portion of the mouth. Like full dentures, partials do take some getting used to and can affect how you eat or talk. Depending on the design, metal clasps may be used to keep them in place.

Instead, it’s possible to create a longer bridge and anchor it on top of dental implants to replace all of the teeth in a permanent manner. Implant and traditional bridges are not removable; you keep them in 24 hours a day.

Pros of Dental Bridge Phoenix

For Aesthetic Purposes

It goes without saying, but missing teeth can be quite embarrassing (especially if the ones that are missing are toward the front of your mouth.) Our Phoenix dental bridges are created from custom matched ceramics, to blend in with your smile and enhance the way it looks. Your new restoration should be one that you feel confident in.


Diet and Nutrition

We rely on our teeth for proper digestion. Losing just a few of them may mean that we’re not able to chew our food as effectively as before, making it harder for our bodies to absorb the necessary nutrients that it depends on. With a bridge, you can basically eat everything you did before your tooth was missing.

Speech Reasons

Remember what a child sounds like when they lose a tooth? The slurring or lisp sounds that are made when their tongue and lips come together for sound formation? It’s cute on kids, but not adults. Unfortunately, tooth loss affects adult speech patterns as well. By getting a bridge to fill in an open space, you can recreate the tooth structure that your mouth relies on while talking.

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